Best friend and fellow scholar of Compass Rose. Izzy Wilson is a techno-genius with a wry sense of humor and a mind that embraces the intricate world of networks and “data collection”. At work she shares the office duties of research, art restoration and cataloging with Compass Rose, and provides the complexities of back-up assistance when Rose finds herself in a pot of jam. In their down time at the office, the two puzzle over the philological nuances of ancient glyphs, and maintain a database on international art theft. Izzy is a friendly warrior; a mental and physical powerhouse whose Amazonian street style strikes awe among those in her presence for the first time. She has a love of extraordinary jewelery which in the past has led her up some dangerous alleyways, but that is under control at present. She is a frequent visitor to Lilienth Hall.

Compass Rose Voyager 2014

Creator Elizabeth Monks Hack

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