Meet Compass Rose, the brilliant and talented, occasionally maladroit, hopelessly retro but above all charming scholar of antiquities, specializing in ancient artifacts across the globe. Officially known as Rose Compass, she works as a junior curator in the dusty basement office of an art museum in a major metropolitan city, alongside her best friend, techno-genius Izzy. Their duties include research, restoration, cataloging and dusting off the shelves. In their down time at the office, they puzzle over the philological nuances of cuneiform and such. They also maintain an extensive database on international art theft. Rose is often consulted by art historians, art collectors, beggars and thieves about the origins and authenticity of various artifacts, many of which are contraband. This propels her into the evil, tri-pronged world of guns, drugs and illicit antiquities, a world that both repels and fascinates her. Circumnavigate the globe with the stylish Compass Rose and her loyal pug Cappuccino, as they experience a world of travel and danger, in pursuit of art, adventure, friendship and love!

Compass Rose Voyager 2014

Creator Elizabeth Monks Hack

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