Meet Compass Rose Voyager! Art scholar, art sleuth and artifact hunter, whose adventures take her and her loyal pug Cappuccino across the globe. As studious Rose Compass she works as a junior curator in the dusty basement of a great metropolitan art museum alongside her best friend, the techno-genius Izzy. Their duties include cataloging artifacts and dusting off the shelves, but secretly the pair maintain their own comprehesive, and comprising, database on international art theft.
Rose is brilliant, optomistic, occasionally maladroit, hopelessly retro and always charming - especially when called to action! She is frequently consulted (off the record, of course) by art collectors, beggars and thieves regarding the provenance of contraband objects - launching her on quests that propel her into the evil, tri-pronged world of illicit antiquities. Armed with curiosity, sass and charm, and acutrements that include a weaponized charm bracelet, Compass Rose and her intrepid pug are always up for high adventure through the distant past.
Compass Rose will take you on a voyages packed with art and cultural history, mystery, and fun. Circumnavigate the globe with Rose and Cappuccino as they experience the true treasures of the world!


Elizabeth Monks Hack, creator of Compass Rose Voyager, is a painter, illustrator, comic book artist and arts educator, with a passion for art and culture...past and present! The character Compass Rose embodies her interests, experiences, desires and dreams - the world of art and archaeology, fashion, history, costume, travel, unexpected friends and adventures...all in retro style! Enjoy the voyage.


Qui Transtulit Sustinet is the Compass Rose motto, the Latin for "He (or she!) who is transplanted still sustains." It signifies that Compass Rose Voyager is at home in the world, wherever she goes. When she travels, or finds herself in a place foreign to her, she'll be okay. She has brought with her that which sustains her. Things that can only be packed in the suitcase of the mind and heart:
Curiosity · Knowledge · Courage · Compassion

Qui Transtulit Sustinet is emblazoned on the Compass Rose heraldic crest, or Coat of Arms, the emblem of her voyages and adventures.
Rose's loyal pug stands atop the orb and her chow-chows hold up the shield. Good company.

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