Dark Side is the Interpol moniker of the nefarious, notorious, brilliant and smooth antiquities dealer Dak' Sidi. His true name, however, is shrouded in mystery. He slithers in and out of international hot spots looking for opportunities to uncover what has been hidden, for monetary and personal gain. Not only does he possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the epochs and artifact typology of the ancient world, he has expert knowledge of and a natural talent for the ancient arts of alchemy, hypnotism and magic. Dak'sidi sees himself as an heir to the first shamans of the human race, with a modern take on dressing the part. He is rarely without the black wool cape of the Bedouin. Hailing from Tunisia, of British and Middle Eastern parentage and education, he is a formidable and often irresistible foe.

Compass Rose Voyager 2020

Creator Elizabeth Monks Hack

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