Brilliant, talented, occasionally maladroit, always retro; but above all charming scholar of antiquities. As Rose Compass she works as a junior curator in the dusty basement office of a major west coast art museum. Notwithstanding the major players of the museum upstairs, Rose is often consulted by art historians, collectors, beggars and thieves regarding the origins and authenticity of various art objects and artifacts, propelling her into the evil, global, tri-pronged world of guns, drugs and illicit antiquities. Compass Rose is not a super-hero of masculine proportions but a plucky, sturdy, ultra-feminine heroine with large green eyes, curly black hair, and a keen moral sense. She can be lured in, however, by the treasure of knowledge. Armed with curiosity and her love of experience, Rose is very brave. Her primary weapon is her charm, and the charms found on her charm bracelet. She possesses a bag full of surprising tricks, feminine in form and content, for example, lip gloss and perfume. Compass Rose lives in the turret apartment of Lilienth Hall, a grand Victorian home with a spectacular view of the bay. She is a woman of letters and a Luddite in most matters. For exercise she rolls with the Beasts of Eden, a local girls roller-derby team, as #13 Psycho-Scholar. Her fashion sense is entirely retro but tailored to the needs of a voyager, rarely without some type of beret. Her pastimes include painting, reading and writing poetry, and catching up on her sleep.

Compass Rose Voyager 2014

Creator Elizabeth Monks Hack

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