Compass Rose is rarely apart from her loyal fawn pug Cappuccino, “Chino“ for short, named after Rose's beloved beverage, which he resembles. Chino is not only very fond of his namesake, but will frequently sample any food, beverage or stimulant within striking distance. He is a proud but fun-loving pug with rose petal ears. The distinctive folds in his face of wrinkles seem to spell out his many moods. Chino believes his owner misinterprets his vigor and sense of humor as bad habits, wounding his dignity. He is constantly annoyed that he must share his owner and his personal space with the numerous animals who also reside at Lilienth Hall. Chino tolerates the Compass Rose adventures because of the one-on-one time with Rose they provide.

Compass Rose Voyager 2020

Creator Elizabeth Monks Hack

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