Bart Ender is the international associate and friend of Compass Rose. Bart has a drinking problem, and is well-suited to his sobriquet “Bartender“. He is also a recipient of Lady Lilienthal's generosity, who recognizing his unique intelligence early on, sponsored his post-graduate studies in archaeology. Bart is energetic, resourceful and fun-loving, but his brilliance is dimmed by his affection for drink. His current occupation is unclear, but like Compass Rose, he loves adventure and finds himself involved with art and antiquities all over the globe - his wayward hair characteristically disheveled, attired in khakis and a scruffy cotton shirt, getting around on a bunged-up scooter. Lady Lillian Lilienthal is disappointed in him, and knowing that, he plans to do better someday.

Compass Rose Voyager 2020

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